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A resignation of the ROK ambassador to AUS Lee Jong-sup on 29 [This is nonfictional Republic of Korea | 5W1H, and construals]

Fri., April 5, 2024 | Park Sang-bo, National Assembly CorrespondentㆍSocial Worker the 1st Grade


Who: Lee Jong-sup, The ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Australia

When: Friday, March 29, 2024

Where: The Republic of Korea

What: A resignation from the ROK ambassador to AUS

How: By announcing a resignation

Why: Unspecified


Left-wing Construal: The phenomenon that the ruling party forced Lee to resign, because it couldn't endure intimidated public sentiment in a general election any longer

Right-wing Construal: Lee was removed as if he was chased in the face of the April 4 general election

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